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"I visited the 50 Shades of Green a bunch of times at this corporate event. I visited them years ago and must have only gotten the strawberry fields salad and it was pretty good. I'm not a HUGE salad person so I was indifferent about it. This time around they brought out 2 trucks and this expanded their offerings. They had a lot of dishes that weren't only salads, they had burgers, paninis, rice bowls, and many other great dishes. All their ingredients are fresh and flavorful and you can taste it in their dishes. I got the chicken burrito bowl which was amazing. When I first got it, it was smaller than I was expecting, but it was still filling. The chicken asada fries are amazing. It was very underrated and we went back for another serving the next day. The elote is great as well, I really like corn and it was roasted to perfection. And with it being off the cob I didn't have to make a mess in front of my friends. Overall, everything was great and I can't wait to eat at the truck again."
Jeff L.
Just got done eating a grilled cheese sandwich, Hawaiian Maui onion chips and a handsens root beer from these guys. Total was $9 even. I am a student at UNLV and I frequently get bored with the options in the student union so I decided to try out the food trucks. SO glad I did. The grilled cheese is made with 3 delicious cheeses and is VERY cheesy. (Nothing worse than a low cheese grilled cheese) for $3 more you can make it a meal with chips and a drink so I did that. "The Hansens soda is what I like to call the guilt free soda because there is no artificial colors or flavors, no sodium, and no caffeine. The young blonde girl who took my order was very sweet and patient with me ummmmmming my way through the menu and asking her for recommendations. 10/10 would recommend, after reading these reviews I think I'll try the pesto next time!"
Tina M.
"Enjoyed the Vegan Power at Foodie Fest for the 1st time and everyone needs to try this food truck. It's a healthier alternative and one of the only trucks in LV that sells REAL FOOD. Unlike the other food trucks who serve highly processed foods. Take a chance and try them. They're friendly too :)"
Queenie F.
"It's 50 Shades of Green's food truck to the rescue providing simple and organic foods that our bodies can be proud of. It's remarkable to finally find a healthy food truck, and these guys don't disappoint. I found them at Top Shelf Wine & Spirits parking lot among other food trucks. Strawberry Fields The combo of tart strawberries, crunchy walnuts, and salty cheese should is enough make anyone stomach growl. This salad is even more delicious when tossed with apple vinaigrette. i got a chance to meet Kelly (owner), she's a really nice person and informative. I also follow them on Instagram, the food posts look awesome. I'll definitely search for this food truck again!"
Nitin B.
"If you are looking for clean meal preps for when your to busy to prepare your own of just don't know how call these guys. Their food is wonderful they are reasonably priced and the food is clean. It leaves you feeling good not just full. Give them a call and let them do the cooking for you. You wont regret it!"
David F.
The name is really catchy and is def a draw in. I've only tried them on campus (UNLV - food truck) and it's one of my favorite food trucks! The food is summed up by the following words: -Tasty -Delicious -Healthy -Full of Flavor -Pow -Yummy I've only had the BLT sandwich and have not tried anything else because it's sooooo good! THICK applewood smoked bacon (yum), garlic mayo and whole grain organic bread. I added avocado to my BLT and did not regret it. Every single bite tastes like your mom made it especially for you! "The prices are pretty reasonable as long as you don't do add-ons. (avocado, drinks, chips etc.) Definitely worth trying at least once and if you're fine with the price you will keep coming back! I'm looking forward to eventually checking their brick and mortar location"
Lorena S.